Food Storage


At first, you should store your food like you would store any other food. If possible, warm and keep fresh, sealed packages of food in your refrigerator. Once you’ve purchased your pet food, put it on a low shelf (a low cabinet, or bottom shelf of a cool-proofed pantry), or in a cool, dark, sealed container.

How to store food properly?

Storing food properly

1) Cut off the plastic storage container

2) Empty the contents of the container into the pantry

3) Place the container on the pantry shelf.

4) If you think that you are unsure of the contents, simply check it by placing your finger on the bag and you will know that the food is still safe to eat.

Should I store my food in plastic?


The idea is that plastic is a good container for food that doesn’t require much refrigeration. What doesn’t fit in plastic-like french fries, corn, soup, or fruits and vegetables often get refrigerated.